Behavior Modification
As life changes, so can your dog. Problem behaviors can arise that have developed over time. Behavior modification classes can be the solution to those issues.
We offer group classes for dogs that need just a little more confidence. Specialized group classes can help dogs that lunge and bark at other dogs on walks and our specialized, problem solving shorts focus on specific troublesome behaviors.
  1. Confident Canine
    Does your dog run or hide from strangers? Is your dog nervous of new people, noises and situations? You will learn how your reactions affect your dog and how you can teach your dog to respond in a more positive way. Private consultation is required prior to attending.
  2. Reactive Rovers
    This course is specifically designed for dogs who bark, growl, vocalize, lunge or behave poorly around other dogs while on leash. These semi-private classes are limited to a maximum of 4 dogs with two instructors. Private Consultation is required prior to enrollment
  3. Problem Solving Shorts
    If your dog needs to learn to walk nice on a leash, not jump on people or come when called, our 2-4 week semi-private "short lessons" can help!
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