Private Training
Behavioral issues are very different from obedience issues. Behavior Modification is individualized to your specific dog and problem.
A suitably trained and qualified behavioral specialist is required to diagnose and implement a behavior modification plan. Behavior Modification is intense training and personalization that requires private training. Please contact us for more information on your personal dog and situation.
  1. In-Home Coaching
    Your trainer teaches you how to perform commands and/or implement a behavioral modification program during weekly one-hour sessions, either in our facility or your own home. Coaching is best for: • Busy Families • General Obedience • Housetraining • Separation anxiety • Fear aggression • Extreme shyness • Chewing • Barking
  2. Day Training
    Have your dog trained in the comfort of your own home. Your trainer teaches you the necessary skills to assist you with the implementation of your dog's behavioral modification plan. Day Training is recommended for: • Most minor behavioral issues • General obedience • Puppy training
  3. Board and Train
    Board and train is the premium and most effective training offered. Your dog will live with the trainer for 1-4 weeks while the training plan is implemented. Board and Train is ideal for most behavioral issues, general obedience, and unsuccessful previous training. The safety of our trainers and their pets are a priority, therefore dogs with severe aggression issues will not be considered.
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