Puppy Training
Did you know that puppies learn more in their first 16 weeks than they do in their entire lifetime?
The American Veterinary Society of Animal Behavior believes that is should be standard of care for puppies to receive socialization before they are fully vaccinated. Click here to view AVSAB Position Paper in its entirety.
What they are exposed to during these crucial weeks has an everlasting emotional and cognitive effect on the rest of their lives. Through exposure to positive life experiences at an early age, you are setting your puppy up to succeed!
  1. Puppy Preschool
    Puppy Preschool is a fun, 4 week course for puppies aged between 8 – 16 weeks. The course is designed to help build your puppy’s self confidence through games, play and socialization. It will also teach basic doggie manners and help you to deal with nuisance behavior such as mouthing, chewing or jumping. Each lesson will cover: - mini-lecture and practical exercises - how to get puppy used to “scary” objects - how to deal with a problem behavior - the teaching of a basic command - confidence-building exercises - and lots of free playtime!
  2. Puppy Kindergarten
    Start your puppy off on the right paw with our puppy training and socialization classes. Each class focuses on play, introduction to obedience commands and problem solving for common puppy issues.
  3. Puppy Playtime
    Join us for our weekly free puppy playtimes! Puppies from 8 weeks to six months can come and play in a safe and fun environment. While the puppies learn social skills, you learn about puppy play and social development from a certified professional trainer.
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